Back-End Developer w/ Server Experience

Headquarters: Online, USA

**The Opportunity** is looking for a highly skilled Back-End developer with knowledge of servers.

**About Our Company** is a leading real estate solutions provider for real estate agents and brokers within the USA and Canada.

We presently have close to 30 full-time team members and over 400 active real estate clients.

Our network of client sites is hosted on WordPress Multisite hosted through our own managed OVH dedicated cloud platform.

Our websites are powered by both 3rd party plugins and theme architecture (X-Theme and Cornerstone Front-End Visual Editor), as well as proprietary WordPress plugins that we have developed.

You can view examples of proprietary plugin technology within the tour pages of our site, specifically:Hyper-Local Area Content System: Call To Action System: Listings 2.0:**About Our Team**You can read our employee reviews here at - we work 100% online and remote and have an incredible team - everyone is great at what they do, has extremely positive energy, and we have a lot of fun in our slack channels.

The work itself is always rewarding and challenging and, there’s always a lot of it, which is why we need some extremely talented individuals to help us out!**Required Personal Skills*

* - Full-Time only!!We offer a WordPress-based Software-as-a-Service to our clients.

Daily responsibilities of the chosen candidate will include development of new features, proactive bugfixes, and fixing issues reported by both clients and end-users.

To be very clear, you’re building a project, not developing client projects - so this work is a lot more fun :) Above all - we are looking for someone with near-fluent English who is also extremely proactive -  here’s a perfect example.Let’s say you’re working on an API integration with a 3rd party and run into a roadblock - we’re looking for someone that would take the initiative to reach out that 3rd party company (by phone, email, or other means) to resolve it.

We would also love to have someone who brings their own ideas to the table based on opportunities they see for our company within the industry - if this sounds like you, please keep reading! If you are used to simply following and executing on direct instructions, this job is definitely not for you.

**Required Developer Skills**Experience working with nginx web server.Expert level PHP / MYSQL / JSSolid knowledge of OOP principles with PHP.Comfortable using version control (we use git).Proficient with Linux command-line, and ssh.Comfortable developing on a (provided) remote development environment.

We do not develop locally as our platform has specific requirementsExperience developing / troubleshooting bugs on WordPress and/or WP Multisite **Bonus Skills**Experience in Real Estate related feature developmentExamples of plugins / code that you've released to the open source communityAdvanced WordPress debug skillsServer Administrative Tasks - VMware vSphere, nginx, PerconaDB, OrientDB, php-fpmExperience developing using PHP7, PHP7 strict types, and/or any other statically typed language.Familiar with writing testable code.**Compensation**Pay range is between $17.50 -$30.00 per hour based on your unique qualifications and experience.

We are looking for a full time commitment, meaning 7-8 working hours a day / 5 days a week.

**Applying**Please send all applications directly to [email protected] your application, make sure to include the following:Links to examples of your workLinks to code samplesYour favorite teenage mutant ninja turtle  A couple of referencesWe look forward to hearing from you!

To apply: Send applications to [email protected] with the information requested in our job description


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