AlphaVu: Software Engineer

Headquarters: Washington, DC

AlphaVu is looking for a software engineer to join a growing and thriving team.

You’ll be involved in several aspects of the business, and will work with others to grow operations and implement new features and functionality.

You should be equally comfortable working with a remote team setting as you are working independently and accountably to get things done.

Our ideal candidate loves to code, to learn, and to play with data.

This is an important position at an exciting start-up where you will have the potential to greatly advance your skills in machine learning and natural language processing.You should have completed an undergraduate or master's degree in Computer Science, and you should have expert Python skills. Qualifications

-     Applicants should have or be near completing a degree at the undergraduate or masters levels in Computer Science.

-     A strong understanding of computer science fundamentals (OOP, algorithms), relational databases, and Python 2/Django is required.

-     Classwork studies should include information retrieval/search engines, web agents/web crawlers, distributed computing, graph theory, artificial intelligence/natural language processing, databases, and intermediate/object-oriented programming.

-     Experience with SQL (preferably PostgresSQL). Exceptional Candidate Qualifications

-     Experience with big data/social media collection.

-     Experience with developing/maintaining a web application.

-     Experience with graph database systems.

-     Experience with Elastic Search/Django Haystack.

-     Experience with Git/Heroku.

-     Experience with AWS EC2.

-     Experience with asynchronous/event-based programming. 

To apply: Send a resume to [email protected]


Source: Clevertech