Audience Ops: Content Writers & Project Managers - Part-time openings / remote / longterm

Headquarters: North America

Audience Ops provides a done-for-you content marketing service.

Join our awesome team!We're currently hiring for 2 positions (apply for one or both!): Writer, Project ManagerBoth positions are part-time, steady, long-term, work-from-anywhere positions.

We prefer US or Canada-based people for these roles.

If you're interested in both positions, then apply using the Project Manager application form.WriterWrite your very best stuff at Audience Ops.We give you steady writing work, a proven team-driven process that allows you to research each audience, come up with topics that matter, and we’ll support you so you can produce stuff that will resonate and genuinely help those readers get ahead.Here’s why our writers love being part of the Audience Ops team:Steady, longterm, reliable freelance retainer.You get to brainstorm and research your own topics to write about.Our editors and other teammates are here to support you.Work from anywhere, any hours (we just care that your weekly deadlines are met)The best team Slack chat on the Internet

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