Bamboo Creative: Software Engineer

(Rocklin, CA) Summary
Bamboo Creative is looking to hire you, a full time contract Software Engineer.

You'll be working with our team to build stellar websites and web applications for a diverse set of clients.

You're not just a developer.

This role will have you scoping, architecting, designing, developing, and delivering great technology.

We build everything from highly designed static sites using Jekyll, to content heavy sites using Wordpress, all the way to enterprise NodeJS based web applications being used by Fortune 50 companies.
This role is for a highly flexible, creative, smart, and nimble developer.
Technology, Tools, and Frameworks We Use:
NodeJS, ExpressJS, Postgres, KnexJS, BookshelfJS, MongoDB, Mongoose, MySQL, Redis, jQuery, Backbone, Underscore, Require, Grunt, SASS, GIT, Jade, Jekyll, Wordpress, Bootstrap, Bourbon, Heroku, AWS


Work with the team to understand technical challenges and shape project and feature scopes
Recommend appropriate technology stacks, frameworks, and tools for each project
Think through and architect overall website, application, and data structures


Collaborate with designers, contributing UX and UI insight while helping guide and maintain overall site architecture
Participate in sketching potential UI components and page layouts
Make strong on-the-fly design decisions during development
Ensure we deliver awesome user experiences in our final products


Infrastructure setup including repositories, servers, databases, memory stores, CDNs, etc.
Write, test, and organize lots of code
Continually ship and hit deadlines like a boss


Continually improve our technology, tools, frameworks, and processes keeping us on the leading edge
Maintain and monitor any on-going sites and applications

About You

You love building websites and web applications for desktop and mobile
What you love to build is simple and clear design that works well and is visually minimalistic
You are not just a developer.

You are creative.

You care about design, user experience, strategy, and having a real impact for clients
You’re completely comfortable and confident with CSS, including the use of preprocessors such as Sass, Less, Stylus, or PostCSS
You're very at home with frontend JS and you’re confident with clientside MVC (a la BackboneJS)
You’re very comfortable with backend JS and have built NodeJS applications
You have experience with modern REST API design conventions and standards
You don’t mind configuring servers and you’re familiar with Heroku and AWS
You know Git and the command line well
You have familiarity with continuous integration and deployment
You have interest or experience in test driven development.
You are always eager to learn how to write more secure code
You've dealt with restructuring an existing large application, as well as greenfield development
You can clearly scope, plan, and architect small and large scale projects
You have a strong sense of design and can make good design decisions without relying on a designer or product manager
You care a lot about product and user experience and take responsibility for thinking like a user
You are able to work in a fast-paced environment, to be flexible, and to quickly adapt to new information
You value quick, clear, communication and are a highly empathetic and open-minded team member
You are a nice person


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