Catylist: Cloud/AWS Engineer

Headquarters: Earth

About UsWe’re a small, fully-remote team focussed on building great products for an industry (commercial real estate) that’s still largely undisrupted by technology.

Our wild start-up days are behind us – we're all grown up and profitable now with a 15-year track record and users who love us.

We launched a new product last year that's driving a lot of growth, and we could use some help wrangling our systems.You'll be in charge of our cloud infrastructure, working with our team of full-stack engineers to evolve and improve it as we grow.Our StackWe're not dogmatic about tools and technologies -- we use whatever best fits the job.

At the moment, our infrastructure is entirely on AWS including use of EC2, RDS, ECS, S3, Elasticache, Route 53, SES, VPC, Lambda, Cloudwatch, IAM. We're also making use of:Terraform for managing AWS VPC infrastructureSalt for managing our EC2 environmentsKubernetes for Docker orchestrationGitLab CI for building and deploying Docker containersELK for managing logsSensu/Grafana for monitoring and metricsPagerDuty for supporting issues in productionPlus a few other bits to round out the buzzword soup: NGINX, JBoss/WildFly, OpenVPN, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Postgres, MySQLAbout YouYou have production experience supporting, securing, and scaling complex web applications hosted on AWS using most of the above technologies.You're reachable, communicative, and functional at 3am when the sky is falling.You once unwittingly hacked into a military supercomputer running war simulations, believing it was just a game.Like us, you value stability, work/life balance, group decisions, and working with people that are good-natured, interesting, hard-working, and self-motivated.You hate both the corporate bureaucracy of a big company and the uncertainty of a start-up.

You like having reasonable hours and knowing that your job will be around next week.You're looking for a family to join, rather than a stepping stone toward another gig.This is a full-time, 40 hours per week, remote, W2 position with benefits (health/dental/vision/401k).

To apply: Please send a note to [email protected] explaining why you're a fit for our team.

Include a resume and anything else that will help us understand how 1337 you are.


Source: Clevertech