Elmington Technology: Go Developer

Headquarters: Nashville, TN
URL: https://www.elmingtontech.com/#jobs

Our CompanyElmington Technology is a property management software technology firm based in Nashville, TN.

We are a privately funded startup with a solid growth trajectory since day one.

To surpass the market leaders in a $2+ billion industry, we need team members who are passionate about challenging the status quo, love making the complicated feel simple, and believe that there’s nothing more important than building software that is both delightfully beautiful and remarkably functional.Responsibilities● Lead and implement system functionality for an enterprise software product being developed from the ground up.● Deliver project assignments on time, within budget, and with high quality● Collaborate with small team in designing & implementation strategy● Forward thinking strategy builderSkills Required● Go (Golang)● Extensive experience with AWS● Extensive database experience (MySQL)● And all those other languages that you should know!Other requirements● 5+ years of development experience● Must be a team player● Ability to work seamlessly in cross ­functional team● Communicate effectively with infrastructure strategy & brainstorming● Passionate about solving workflow issuesCulture● Remote team members welcome! > Live & work anywhere! (with wifi)● In-­office team members encouraged! > Who doesn’t want to live in Nashville!?● Work:Life Balance > We work efficiently in hopes it creates more time for real life creativity.● Open Minds > Need something? Let’s discuss over Friday Beers.We’re creating a different kind of company at Elmington.

We promise we will be never be ordinary.

There will be many days you simply aren’t comfortable.

You will be pushed to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

You will be challenged by your team leader and your peers to achieve more and to find better ways.

With that said, we know Elmington is not for everyone.

BUT, if you believe in yourself, enjoy a challenge and appreciate working with exceptional people, then Elmington could very well be the last company you ever work for.

To apply: Send a resume to [email protected]


Source: Clevertech