About the Job:

Your role is to help Torsh’s lead developer execute the company’s mission and business plan as an education technology company through the development, deployment, and management of its technology infrastructure and software applications.

This requires envisioning and understanding the Company’s product offerings, developing and maintaining its mobile and web applications, and planning for risk and growth.


You are expected to aid in all aspects of developing a modern web application using the Meteor platform.

This includes writing clean, well-structured Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

You need to be comfortable working on both front and back ends of a complex web app.

Additionally, you will work with the lead developer and product manager to define and develop cases (or user stories).

Finally, you will provide ongoing QA tests to ensure that code works well and serves its intended purpose.



Comp Science or related field
At least 3 years experience building mobile or web applications
Hands-on development experience with more than one web application framework
Ability to discern user requirements and development specifications
Skill with Meteor, node.js, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and other web technologies
Experience working with external API’s (REST, SOAP, etc.)
Experience working with databases, including MongoDB

Who You Are:

You understand, believe in and are familiar with the life-changing power of a good education.
You are talented, entrepreneurial, and driven and want to get in on the ground floor of a great startup.
You stand out among your peers for your communication skills.
You are self-motivated and able to set your own schedule.
You are willing to relocate to New Orleans, LA.

Why This Is A Great Gig:

You will be working on cool products that will significantly impact the lives of millions of people
We are a ROWE environment, so there are no set work hours – the work just needs to get done
We are able to offer a competitive combination of salary, equity, and benefits
You will participate in and speak at conferences / hackathons / user groups / you name it
You will be treated with the respect you deserve

How To Apply

Send your resume and details (recent projects, github, stackoverflow, etc.) to [email protected]


Source: Clevertech