Full Time: Senior DevOps Engineer at Sharethrough in San Francisco

You will take the lead in growing DevOps at Sharethrough, developing on the AWS platform, designing the infrastructure needed to facilitate fault-tolerant micro-services, stream analytics, and apps written using frameworks like Lambda and Kinesis.

Additionally, you'll be responsible for the direction and communication of the long-term DevOps strategy, constantly building towards the future you've envisioned.

You are not a pager on hip; developers here own their operations, and you will help them build infrastructure through tools your team builds.

Let's talk if..

You see DevOps as part of a cohesive product execution pipeline.

You’re comfortable setting your own priorities and that of your team.

You have experience with big data processing systems and infrastructure: Spark, Dynamo, Kinesis, Lambda, etc.

You have experience with Continuous Deployment.


Source: Clevertech