Full Time: Senior Software Engineer at Flatiron Health in New York, NY

We have openings for engineers across our different product lines, infrastructures, technology stacks, as well as experience levels.

We welcome full-stack engineers, engineers that are excited about backend, engineers that are excited about data, engineers that are excited about technical leadership, and really any engineer that is excited about engineering!

Are you interested in building elegant and scalable systems to help our customers unleash the power of their data? As a Backend Software Engineer you will design and implement backend components such as services, data stores, infrastructure, instrumentation, and deployment.

You will continuously ship new features for our cloud based infrastructure.

You will write simple, elegant, well-tested code that drive improvements to our backend infrastructures.

Our technology stack includes Python, JavaScript, and .Net.

Are you interested in using modern web technologies to help our customers visualize their data in way they’ve never seen before? As a Full Stack Software Engineer you will design and implement intuitive web interfaces to make complex data accessible and useful.

You will continuously ship new features for our cloud applications, from the backend to the frontend.

You will write beautiful code and drive improvements for our backend and frontend infrastructure.

You will have the opportunity to work on a large, web-based applications that serve tens of thousands of users and to improve oncologists' complex workflows so that they can think less about their technology and more about their patients.

You will write clean, well-structured, production-quality code in Python and AngularJS or C# and ASP.Net.

Do you want to synthesize data into knowledge? As a Data Software Engineer you will build impactful software that will help our customers discover novel insights in their data.

You will design and build our data infrastructure, and use it to develop extensible, robust data and analytics pipelines.

You will build tools and infrastructure for easy, accessible and flexible data analysis.

You will iteratively develop, operationalize and monitor machine-assisted and statistical solutions to problems.

You will write clean, well-structured, production-quality code in Python.

About you:

You hold a BS, MS, or PhD in computer science or related field
You have strong experience with languages like Python, C++, Java, or C#
You are passionate about performance, reliability, and scalability of systems
You are passionate about our mission to improve healthcare through technology
You seek simple approaches to complex problems

Bonus points if you...

Have developed apps using modern front-end frameworks like AngularJS / Ember.js
You have a good understanding of relational databases like Postgresql, MySQL or MSSQL
Have deep empathy for data and a strong understanding of statistics
Have developed distributed data processing systems against large, heterogeneous data sets
Have developed scalable high-availability web applications operating across multiple timezones
Understand experimental design, and can build for collection, measurement and interpretation of results
Contribute to open source projects
Have experience taking a leading role in building complex software systems that have been successfully delivered to customers


Source: Clevertech