Helpjuice: Customer Success Champion (B2B)

Headquarters: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Short video on what it's like to work at Helpjuice: works with some of the world's largest organizations, such as Walmart, Hertz, The US Gov, as well as small startups.

Our current product is an auto-updating knowledge base that allows companies to scale their support.

As a result, we've helped thousands of companies save over $30mil in customer support costs.
You have the amazing opportunity to join our customer success team. This position is a very important one, and requires a great understanding of English (you'll be having phone calls 20% of the time), good technical skills (talking about the product and the tech behind it), aswell as mild/soft sales skills (you won't be selling, directly, but rather just being super super nice and helpful). The idea behind customer success is to help our customers be more successful & lower customer churn 
Your daily/weekly tasks might look like:

- Onboard customers and do product demos (you'll be doing this a lot)
- Talk with customers and write a case study 

- Reach out to customers likely to churn to offer help 
- Increase average revenue per account by upselling
- Tracking every customer cancelation, calling them, and understanding why they canceled, and marking it all down.Requirements

Very, very good written/spoken English
Very good at writing up emails 
Good presentation skills.

You'll be presenting our product a lot, so it's important you know how to chat with the client, make them laugh and present the product in a professional and interesting manner. 
Technical background.

You'll be answering a lot of questions (such as "do you have an API?"), some of which are technical 

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Source: 37Signals Job Board