isoTree: ScrumMaster (Part-Time, Work Remotely)

Headquarters: North Lake Tahoe, CA

ScumMaster [Part-Time,
Work Remotely]  Our Company: isoTree is an Internet
Marketing agency.

With over fifteen years of experience, we specialize in
supporting our clients by providing online customer acquisition through highly
targeted, technically focused, sponsored search marketing campaigns.  Position Overview:isoTree is seeking a
Part-Time ScrumMaster to work remotely with our worldwide digital team.

We are
looking for a candidate who excels in standard ScrumMaster practices;
especially those related to task management and achieving outcomes with an experienced,
diverse IT Team.

We are looking for a candidate with strong organization,
documentation, and teamwork-communication skills. Required Skills and
Experience: We require at least four years
of experience delegating tasks to an IT Team made up of various positions.
These positions would consist of UX/UI Developers, Graphic Designers,
Software Engineers, QA, System Admin, Analysis, or any other specific IT
position.  We require at least four years
of experience working with Agile/Scrum/Sprint policies, procedures,
terminology, documentation templates, and protocols for collaborative teamwork. We require exceptional verbal
and written English communication.

We require advanced documentation
and administration skills.

These skills are crucial to Scrum and Project Coordination
in a digital agency.  Training: Candidates without experience
in Sponsored Search, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing for Lead Generation will be
required to complete our internal, paid training program.

This program encompasses
skills involving Web Analysis and A/B Landing Page Optimization Testing.  Our Team: Job agreements are
based on shared expectations, flexibility, and mutual respect.

Our contractor
staff works from their home-offices located around the world.

The average
length of a contractor term is generally five to six years.  isoTree strives for
long-standing, collectively beneficial, and adaptable working arrangements.

offer a flexible schedule to provide you with the benefit of balancing work and
life, while earning a consistent, reliable monthly compensation to depend on. Job Logistics: Candidate may be located
anywhere in the world, as this job is entirely remote and intended to be a
long-term, independent contractor position.This Part-Time ScrumMaster
position will require 10-15 hours per week of candidate availability, equating to a range of consistent,
monthly billable hours.

Monthly billable hours generally range from 40-60 hours
per month.

Availability during the mornings of EST business hours is
required.  isoTree is recruiting
candidates within the compensation range of $20-$25 per hour.

Compensation is
negotiable and will commensurate with the candidates qualifications.    

To apply: To apply please submit your cover letter and resume.

Qualified applicants will receive a prompt reply, along with a several questions and a screening interview accordingly.

Thank you for the interest in this position.


Source: Clevertech