Learning in Action: Director of Marketing and Customer Experience

Headquarters: Bethesda, MD
URL: learninginaction.com

Stellar Marketing and Customer Experience Manager

 The responsibilities of this position could potentially
scale up depending upon the talent, capability and desire of the person.  As a starting point, this is what it would
look like:

Hours:  ~40 hours/week.

 General business hours, however we tend
to be flexible.  Results are more
important that time schedule.Location: Virtual Note:   This is a great role for someone who
wants to work, and prefers high flexibility.  It’s not a good role for someone who
wants to clock out at a certain time.

While we believe in maintaining
focus on family, friends and our personal lives, we have a commitment to
our clients and to each other that means that sometimes the work needs to
be completed during unpredictable Marketing Role:Goal 1:  To develop
and sustain a consistently predictable means of attracting and retaining new
clients.  Our engagement with existing
clients and referrals is high.  The open
territory lies in the strategies and tactics that lead to new clients from
non-referral sources. 

Goal 2:  To develop
the LIA brand into a respected, trusted resource for training, community and
development among coaches, consultants and LD professionals.


Goal 3:  To increase
the lifetime value of our clients, creating longer, stronger, more engaged and
valuable relationships.

 Initiatives supporting these goals would include:


Developing a strategy for
using conferences as a channel for client acquisitionDeveloping and
implementing a strategy and process for using content to develop
relationships that lead to new clients
Developing and
implementing a strategy and process of identifying coaching schools and
their continuing education programs for alums as a lead gen source for new
Developing and
implementing a plan and a process for retaining, recognizing, and
rewarding our top clients
Creating and maintaining marketing
calendar across all trainings and promotions
Being a liaison with
marketing consultants the company engages
Developing and
implementing a strategy and process to drive social media engagement and
create more engagement with the brand


Customer Experience

 Goal 1: To deliver to clients a consistently easy,
convenient, error-free, educating customer experience.

 Goal 2:  To create
customer intelligence that allows us to better customize the customer
experience and to better partner with our clients in creating opportunities for
each other.

Implementing a new CRM
system and creating a plan and processes for how to use it to learn more
about our customers and how we can relate to themDetermining how we can
eliminate as many customer requests as possible by making them unnecessaryBeing empathetic, warm
and caring with clients, even when it’s hard toRecording transactions
accurately within QuickBooksFollowing up with clients
as needed for payment

Note:  Daily client engagement is part of this
role for the first few months (until system redesign is complete), fielding
daily calls and emails from client with questions, comments, requests.  It’s requires ~ 1-2 hours/day and varies

Utility Player

In a small company, everyone does everything.  As a team player, responsibilities as needed
would include:

Setting up meetings as
neededResearching the best technology
to solve a given problemResponding to customer
service inquiriesWriting copyRecording expenses


To apply: Send resume, cover email, and your motivation behind why this would be an ideal opportunity for you to [email protected]

If you aren't serious about this unique position, please don't apply.

The first step in the process will be your taking our emotional intelligence assessment so you can get to know the company.

It takes 45 mins.

So, please apply only if you are drawn to what we do and want to invest the time.


Source: 37Signals Job Board