Mindful Chef: Front end developer (HTML/CSS/JS)

Headquarters: London
URL: https://www.mindfulchef.com

Mindful Chef is a 2 year old recipe box company.

 We focus on the healthy end of the market, and cater across the free-from range.

 We have shipped over 500,000 meals.We have a lot of additional website functionality that has been designed and now need the templates (Marvel/Zeplin) turned into HTML/CSS/JS so our back end developers can do the integration.This will be a 2-3 week project, but improvements are continuous so I'd hope we can strike up a long-term working relationship.The job is fully remote and will involve lots of communication with our UX designer and back-end dev (both also remote).

To apply: Please email jobs@mindfulchef.com to apply.

Please DO NOT email any other mindfulchef.com email addresses - your application will automatically be rejected.


Source: 37Signals Job Board