Noble Desktop: iOS Programming Instructor

(New York, NY) Noble Desktop teaches people how to build websites, make apps, and create digital content in NYC.

Our basic mission: learn cool stuff, do cool stuff, then teach it to others.We need an iOS Developer who can teach our iOS Bootcamp class.

It meets 10-12 weeks in the evenings, twice a week, or one day a week for 10–12 weeks.Teaching Swift and Xcode is not an easy task.

You will need to be able to explain difficult concepts and solidify them with repetition.

While it is not easy to teach these concepts, it is immensely rewarding when people do grasp what you are teaching.If you have an affable personality and enjoy teaching, please get in touch with us.

You do not need to have teaching experience.

This is a freelance position and is a great opportunity to interact with others when you are not behind the screen coding.

This is not online training: it is done in our New York office.Please send an introduction to [email protected] no phone calls please.Apply:


Source: Clevertech