Northern Logic: Senior Full-stack JavaScript - Angular / TypeScript

Headquarters: 100% Remote

DescriptionYou are an expert when it comes to Javascript and comfortable writing it on the backend just as well as the frontend.

You keep up with developments in modern web frameworks such as Angular and React.

You most likely have a list of weekend warrior projects which may include technologies are excited to try.You are well rounded in your backend discipline.

You have an opinion when it comes to choosing the architecture for the backend based on requirements and are experienced with various options besides Node.js, such as Python and Go.You enjoy working with small teams and when needed are comfortable taking the lead on smaller individual projects. AboutWe are Northern Logic.

A small software development agency that enjoys taking clients ideas, helping shape them and making them reality.

We love Progressive Web Apps and apply PWA concepts appropriately in order to deliver a solid end product that clients and users alike will be delighted to use.

We work on a variety of projects that require the composition of many, sometimes bleeding-edge, technologies.How we workWe are a 100% distributed team which means we understand and trust contributors to manage their own schedule which gives flexibility most companies can not offer.

Adhering to the Remote principles we do require some overlap with the rest of the team during business hours.

Also we only work with engineers based in the United States and Canada in order to help ensure consistent overlap.We are looking for someonewith in-depth knowledge Angular 2writes backends in Node.js and has used one other language / framework on the backendlocated in North Americaexcellent written and spoken englishwho is familiar with contractingIt’s also great if you have knowledge ofFirebaseserverless concepts such as the serverless framework or AWS Lambdaprogressive web technologiesTypeScript

To apply: Email [email protected] with your resume and a short introduction.

Links to previous projects, github profiles, or anything else that you are proud of or excited to share are appreciated but not required.


Source: Clevertech