Overlap: Mobile Software Engineer (iOS)

Headquarters: Oakland, CA
URL: overlaphealth.com

The mission of the Mobile Software Engineer is to make it easier for patients to capture data on iOS.

Through the Overlap iOS app, you’re are going to make it easier to collect data from patients so that it can be meaningful to clinicians or researchers.

You’ll be collecting data from wearables, the phone’s sensors and surveys.

The apps you build will be used by thousands of people and will need to be scalable and performant.

Because Overlap works with healthcare organizations and researchers, our apps are tailored to each client’s needs which means your apps need to fully embody modularity.

 OutcomesAs soon as you start, you’re going to update an existing app to support new surveys and scheduling logicBy the beginning of May, you will have implemented an iOS app that will allow cancer survivors to test the specific frequency of light to improve their mood (yes, apparently light therapy has an impact on improving mood)By July, you will have completed an iOS app that allows patients to track their blood pressure, mood and depression, and view that data in real-timeArchitect, design and implement efficient and reusable features for the Overlap platform based on user feedback and customer requirements within the first 180 days.Identify and resolve performance and scalability issuesModularize code so we can mix and match features for new clients.Develop prototypes quicklyCompetenciesEfficiency - You believe that speed and quality can be achieved at the same time.

Honesty - You know when you don’t know.

You have no problem raising your hand and asking for help.

 Experience - You’ve shipped multiple iOS apps (or at least one amazing one) mostly in Swift.

You’re well versed in iOS frameworks and APIs (Bonus if you have experience with Healthkit and ResearchKit)Organization, planning - You are self-managed, know how to prioritize, meet deadlines and define deliverables.

Attention to detail - You write clear, well-organized and documented code, do not skimp on writing tests, and you’ve thought about all edge casesCommunication - You write and speak English clearly.

Hungry - to learn new programming languages, to get the user experience down right! Teamwork - You have no problem helping the team reach the finish line or go deep on a huge challenge.

You work well in fast moving teams and have no problem working with others to solve difficult problems.

You support your team as much as your team supports you.

You will work closely and collaboratively with designers, back end engineers, architects and management.

To apply: Send along a cover letter, any links to any code you’re proud of.

If your code is on Github, you can share a private repo with emersonf (obviously if you can’t send code then it’s not a deal breaker).

Email everything to [email protected], including “Mobile Software Engineer” in the subject line.

We look forward to hear from you!


Source: Clevertech