PDG+creative: Interactive Developer

(Bartlesville, OK) The Interactive Developer should be an active participant in sharpening our end product, processes, and everything else in between, in order to provide the most value to our clients.

And ultimately, adding value means solving problems and making a client’s life easier.

This position requires strong all-around web development ability, creative thinking, problem solving skills, and a programmer’s mentality.

An interactive developer must have a passion and matching drive to provide beautiful and maintainable solutions to any problem that shows its face.RequirementsNot afraid of back end programming.

If learning databases or for() loops scares you, don’t applyEats front end for breakfast—bring it on IE 7, responsive design, and UI eventsFamiliar with how to use a CMS and the concepts of adding custom functionality Not scared of taking on basic sysadmin tasks and are willing to learn the command lineLights up when it’s time for strategic planning and feedback sessionsCompletes a programming task as efficiently as possible, building skill for next time with each experienceAlways learning, always exploring, never settlingProficient with tying in front designs to Wordpress/CMS themesSkills and ExperienceComfortable with concepts of industry standard platforms (Linux, PHP, HTML/CSS/JS, SQL, Apache/Nginx, etc)Familiar with object-oriented programming Attention to detailKnowledge of using .git for version control of projectsAble to communicate effectively (written and verbally), and when in doubt, over communicate.Not afraid to take on a debugging challenge, even with unfamiliar code or on legacy systemsNot daunted by an MVC atmosphereApply: Please include your hourly rate and a short self assessment on both your front end and back end skills.


Source: Clevertech