Videofruit: Rails Programmer

Headquarters: Nashville, TN

Please go to for full details regarding this position.This is an opportunity to be part of a brand new software engineering team at a self-funded, fast-growing startup.

You will report to the VP of Product and be responsible for helping Videofruit meet its engineering goals.Videofruit has a rapidly-growing email list of 110,000+ subscribers and a combination of educational and software products.

To this point, all software development has been done via third-party contractors.

In order to reach its 2017 goals, Videofruit needs to establish an internal software engineering team.The right person for this position will have:Significant experience with and in-depth knowledge of developing Ruby on Rails software.A proven track record of shipping well-tested quality software meeting business needs.Ability to create modern, visually appealing user interfaces for web apps.A keen eye for enhancing application workflow and user experience.Ability to listen for intent, discerning true business needs from conversations.Strong empathy, communication and teamwork skills.A willingness to create and maintain proper architectural, business and code documentation of software assets.

To apply: Apply at


Source: Clevertech