Make a Living as a Professional Self-Published Author: Laying the Foundation: The Steps You Must Take to Create a Six Figure Writing Career, Make Money, ... your Readership (Self-Publishing Book 1)

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  • Are you upset knowing that you have real writing talent, but no one buys your books? Are you embarrassed to tell your friends you've written a book because your sales are so pathetic?

    I've been there. I was so proud when I published my first book, it was an incredible accomplishment. I told my best friend, and he shrugged and said, "how many have you sold?" I was ashamed to tell him not even my family and friends bought a copy, and resolved not to tell anyone else until I got a royalty check I was proud of.

    Does this sound familiar? You've worked hard to write your book, and now your friends are mocking you for only making $20 for six months of difficult, creative work.

    At least, that's what happened to me. It pains me to say that I made twenty whole dollars after six months. Even though the quality of the book was fantastic, I couldn't even get my friends to shell out five bucks for a copy.

    But I put those six months to effective use and found out how to do it right. This book shares those hard-earned lessons that I've learned with you.

    Inside this book, I'm going to talk about how to research and a topic that sells, how to write your book, how to publish it and how to market yourself so people want to buy anything you create.

    • I explain how you need to research your topics so you don't spend time writing a book that no one wants to buy. Nothing is more frustrating than that.

    • Next, you'll learn how to write your book, so that your reader understands your message and appreciates what you've written.

    • Third, you'll learn how and where to publish your masterpiece in simple terms that are easy to understand.

    • Next, you'll learn how to form a network of dedicated fans who are not only interested in your work, but demand more books from you and share everything you write with their friends.

    You'll learn all of this and more in the pages of this book.

    Over the past couple of years, after mastering these techniques, I wrote and published 63 books, including a bestseller, and am highly sought after as a ghostwriter and blogger. As the owner and senior writer of The Writing King, I understand how to write, publish and sell books, and am happy to pass along these techniques to you.

    You can continue like you are doing now, hit or miss, or you can learn from an expert with 35 years’ experience in the industry.

    Stop the endless "publish and pray" cycle.

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