Make a Living as a Professional Self-Published Author: Laying the Foundation: The Steps You Must Take to Create a Six Figure Writing Career, Make Money, ... your Readership (Self-Publishing Book 1)

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  • Authors have never had it better. Never in the history of man has it been so easy to get your message – your book – published so that it can be available for hundreds, thousands or even millions of readers to readily purchase.

    You are entering a new era for authors and writers who want to publish a book. This is an exciting new age of freedom of expression, in which everyone has the right and ability to publish without going through layers of censorship and barriers to getting their message to the public. No longer do you have to face hundreds of rejections from publishers before one takes pity and decides to give you a chance to publish your work.

    Despite this, there are many who claim that the Golden Age of Self-Publishing is over. Some so-called gurus are even saying the bubble has burst and the good times are over and done with. Don't you believe it.

    Yes, you can absolutely make a good living as a self-published author – in fact, with some dedication, it’s completely possible to quit your day job and become a full-time, well-established, respected, moneymaking publisher of your own works.
    This is a brave new world for those who want to become authors. Fueled by your imagination and determination, the opportunities are endless.

    In this book, the first in a series, best-selling author Richard Lowe Jr explains the steps that you need to follow to turn your dream of making a living as a self-published author into reality. Once you have finished reading, you will clearly and practically understand the foundational steps to follow for your writing career to blossom.

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