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Kyero: Frontend Designer

A defendable opinion on what comprises the “right way” is a major plus.Demonstrate that you’ve built outstanding websites from concept to launch.A keen eye for interaction design and finishing touches.A sense of humour and/or an ability to convincingly simulate a sense of humour.An abundant desire to achieve perfection, but also a readiness to necessarily compromise.What your day will look like:Brief catch up on your plans to sync up.Go off and crank on your project, checking in with other team members throughout the day with questions and updates.You leave the code in a better state than when you found it (progressive refactor).Participate in code reviews to ensure code quality and distribute knowledge.Continuous integration and deployment.Technical requirements:3+ years of experience working as a Frontend Designer.Advanced level knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5.Understanding of user-centered design, progressive enhancement and graceful degradation, accessibility, SEO, responsive design, and website performance.Familiarity with React and Redux.Proficiency with Git/Github or other distributed version control systems.Proficiency with Chrome Developer Tools.Proficiency with the command line.To be geographically situated in a time zone between UTC-1 and  UTC+3.Team player with clear communication skills.To be comfortable and productive working 100% remotely.Optional, but a major plus:You speak great English, but it is not your native language.Proficiency with Ruby, Rails.Experience with CSS preprocessors like SCSS.Understanding of A/B testing.Mastery of recognising Arial versus Helvetica.Sufficiently appalled by the text line-height used in this job listing.Working at KyeroWe are a completely remote team…

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Appointlet: Lead UI/UX Web Developer

 Our software is small, but the impact it has on our customers is huge.We are a small team, so you'll get a lot of autonomy and say on how our product is built.Responsibilities:Work with our product team to plan and build new features and fixing bugs on existing ones.Help us analyze usage and make it easier for our customers to onboard and use our software.Stay abreast of new technologies and techniques to improve your productivity and the reliability of your code.Requirements:Comfortable with the techniques and frameworks used to build, test and deploy modern front-end web applications.Self-driven, able to stay productive with low supervision.Excellent English written/verbal communication skills. Competent with analytics software and how to use them to improve your UI.A desire to build solutions, not just code…

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