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Alley Interactive: UX Developer

You will work closely with our design team to translate the wireframes and visual palettes they produce into responsive prototypes in the browser, putting you on the front lines of an exciting and dynamic process of web product development.Successful candidates will demonstrate strong skills in a range of front-end technologies and be knowledgeable concerning the processes of designing and developing for the responsive and semantic web…

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Alley Interactive: Software Developer

You should be open to working this way as well, and significant experience doing so before is a plus.You should also have very strong written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to wield them with both team members and clients.Discipline concerning delivery dates, stylistic appreciation of what makes code good and readable, and a positive attitude about documentation, tickets, and issue tracking, are all very important "soft skills" for our developers to have.Note: Please submit samples of code that you’ve written with your application for this position…

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