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MustHaveMenus: 2 Cleanup Experts = Java, JS, Debugging, DevOps, QA

To me, "completely impressive" might mean, esoteric, poetic, unique, poignant, etc, but should include all the technologies and work experiences that make you stand outAny certifications, recent courses, or recent conference attendenceIMPORTANT - List your 10 favorite tools you use to do your workOptional - List one good joke you heard recentlyAnd the password to include in your subject line is "make menus make money." Don't forget to add it, or your message will be deleted.About MustHaveMenusMHM has been serving the needs of thousands of restaurants for a decade, who use our site to create beautiful restaurant menus online, as well as print and market them to customers.We work with an international team of professionals from Europe, South America, and the US and are made up of 30 individuals.  To apply: Please see the description for details to apply.…

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