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Packlane: Senior Front End Engineer

You know what they are.Great communication and collaboration skills.Strong work ethic and a healthy obsession with learning new things.Familiarity with Git, NPM/Yarn, and Chrome DevTools.Bonus PointsProject leadership and interest in technical leadership on the front end.Experience in the nuances of SASS and clean minimal design with reusable components.Capability and interest in championing best practices in React.js.Proficiency with Brunch, WebGL, Canvas, and HTML5.Functional programming advocates: who value immutability and functional purity.Previous experience on remote teams.BENEFITSWhat You'll Love About Packlane:A chance to try new technologies - Packlane is an opportunity to cut your teeth on a novel technology stack, including innovative development frameworks and cutting-edge functional languages.Support Modern Browsers - We’re living in the future and build for modern versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE…

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