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Full Time: Commerce Software Engineer, Apple Media Products at Apple Inc. in Cupertino, CA

You will cover fraud detection and prevention related to functions for all kinds of payment types worldwide, to ensure secure signup of payment method in iTunes store and purchasing of all types of content on the iTunes Store (from ringtones, songs to apps, in-apps and subscriptions) using such payment methods…

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Full Time: Lead Frontend Developer at Rocket Internet SE in Madrid

From frontend to backend, middleware, DevOps, Infrastructure as Code and integrations with other systems The tech lead also needs to have a real passion for software development and a demonstrated appetite for continual learning, typically manifest in their community contributions (e.g., open source work, publishing or public speaking on technical ideas) The tech lead is expected to demonstrate leadership in product quality, code quality, technical excellence and engineering practices Responsibilities: Use agile engineering practices and various software and web development technologies to rapidly develop best-in-class e-commerce and e-care/m-care customer experience Collaborate closely with product owners and teams members to craft clear user stories, design tests for prototypes and products, and continuously deliver product enhancements Liaise with other teams within and outside the Digital team to negotiate timelines, deliverables and dependencies Collaborating closely with product owners and teams members to identify and socialise product and delivery risks Drive forward and role-model best practice engineering processes and agile behaviour and ensuring teams members follow suit Communicate with business stakeholders about agile processes to set and manage expectations about delivery methods and timelines Help shape the knowledge program for developers to help learn from external community and keep updated on latest in technology Key skills: 7+ years of software development experience, 5+ years experience working in cross-functional Agile team Excellent understanding of at least 2 of the following: Node.js, Go, Ruby on Rails, Java, JavaScript and its Frameworks (Angular, React, Vue etc.) or other modern languages like Swift, Elixir, Rust or Scala Proficient in modern architectures using RESTful APIs, Microservices, automated containerized deployments and container orchestration e.g…

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