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Gotham Club LLC: WANTED: “A Player” Community Manager For Men’s Dating Advice Co.

This Job Entails:Keeping your pulse on the community needs, desires and complaints and reporting these back to the CEOLaunching, running, moderating and growing a forumLaunching, running, moderating and growing blog commentsRunning, moderating and growing a Facebook groupRunning, moderating and growing YouTube commentsOrganizing events, including guest forum Q&A’s and weekly webinarsReaching out to community members to resolve community-related issues, complaints and conflicts and dealing with “problem users”Helping customer service resolve issues, both proactively and reactively, that present themselves inside the communityIdentifying key community members and providing opportunities for them to participate on a higher engagement level (moderators, writers, etc)Identifying and welcoming new members and providing opportunities to introduce and involve them in the communityWorking with CEO to establish community guidelines and rulesComposing weekly community “metrics and trends” reportsHelping to ensure our webinars and guest events drive sales (willingness to learn basics of selling on a webinar and marketing skills)Hosting and MC’ing events with special guests via Google Hangouts or other webinar services…

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