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AmaZix: Account Manager

Responsibilities include:Making sure that a series of set tasks are carried out by the appropriate people when onboarding projectsEnsure that any request from the project is responded to quickly, ensure this request is fulfilled by yourself on a team member and communicate throughoutIn the rare case that a project is unhappy about something, reassure and deal with the situation appropriatelyLead any meetings that are held between our team and the project's teamAnd this is what you should offer: A fluent level of English Be online and available to chat in Telegram almost constantly throughout the day and evening High level of organisational skills Have good social skills, being ready to deal sometimes with complicated situations Be ready to invoice AmaZix for your services Be comfortable being paid in Ethereum (we can help with this) Be organized and ready to bring your skills into a decentralized organization with members from many different countries Be knowledgeable or be able to learn about tech projects, in particular cryptocurrency projects To apply:To show that you have the required skills (or to show you can learn them quickly), please answer the following questions: In your own words, what is the project BABB ( aiming to achieve? The CEO of the firm unexpectedly, request us to handle marketing on their behalf…

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AmaZix: Full Stack Developer

To give you some idea, here are some upcoming projects we will work on in the coming months: a Telegram chatbot to sit in our channels and collect stats we can use for reporting and auto-delete messages which fail to meet certain criteria such as spam and scams a web app allowing the community to browse projects that have committed to being part of the Bancor network some scripts to extract information from etherscan via their API and generate a CSV a crypto news site similar to building the new version of own website at We are looking for highly motivated developers that have extensive experience in some area of development, especially web development - ideally having used some technologies suited to the above tasks such as React/Redux, Ruby on Rails or NodeJS.The position requires strong technical expertise, enthusiasm and a desire not only to write good code, but also deliver value to the business…

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