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Insight Catastrophe Group: Front-End Engineer

Requirements and SkillsExcellent written and oral communicationFluent in HTML, CSS and core (“vanilla”) JavascriptAdvanced Javascript application development using OOP and functional programmingSingle-page application design and architechtureCross-browser design and implementation solutionsA good understanding of client-side performance tuning, security and optimization (caching, CDNs, request management, cookies, http, https, etc.)Demonstrate strong attention to detail and analytical abilityThink and work effectively under pressure and accurately complete tasksExperience with the following is considered required:jQueryUnderscoreBackboneRequireBootstrapSassGit and GithubExperience with the following is desirable:CSS in all it’s flavors (Sass, PostCSS, CSS Modules, CSS in JS, etc.)ReactJS and its ecosystemReduxjs / NPMWebpackWillingness to learn and dedication to continuous improvement.Proven success working with non-engineersA proven preference for pragmatism over dogma (you should be able to argue for or against any tech decision in a logical, objective manner)Care for sharing skill and knowledge to help the team Education and Experience 3+ years of active software development4-year college degree preferred or equivalent experience…

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