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OneTaste: IT and DevOps Support

This is a part- to full-time position.RESPONSIBILITIES- Maintain and update our internal platforms (Node, Django, Rails)- Build new development projects, working with various teams and tools- Monitor and manage our production environment and platforms (Heroku, Wordpress)- Oversee our development lifecycle, QA, etc.- Handle IT support requests (on-boarding, off-boarding, configuration, tool support, device support)SKILLS- Strong experience developing/managing Node, Django and/or Rails applications- Strong experience managing a production environment (Heroku, WPEngine)- Strong experience managing the product development lifecycle- Experience handling realtime support requests from co-workers throughout the day- Experience managing tickets to track support requests- Great attention to detail and the ability to handle different roles throughout the dayEXPERIENCE- 5 or more years experience in back-end web development- 2 or more years handling support requests (dev or IT)- Highly connectable and open person who is willing to change as an individual and put the bigger vision before themselves- Able to work in a family-like environment where relationships and connection are a direct reflection of customer experience- Able to maintain agility and flexibility in fast moving environment while staying on task and deadline- Able to handle multiple projects in different stages- Able to take creative direction and understand the intended outcome- Able to effectively communicate your progress to the team- Able to work with creatives, managers and non-technical staff- Able to work with developers and creatives in regular development cycles- Able and willing to work remotelyApply:…

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Spreaker: DevOp at Spreaker - AWS / Kubernetes / Prometheus

Working at Spreaker, you will be in constant contact with the other engineers, and be able to discuss every technological aspect of the product with them.You will continue to learn and work in production with cutting edge technologies (including Docker and Kubernetes), keeping up with the high pace of our industry without feeling stuck on old and boring stuff.WHAT YOU WILL DOYou will be asked to containerize and migrate Spreaker's services from the old infrastructure to the new one, monitor the systems, and quickly act in case of issues in production.You will be responsible for the next-generation infrastructure…

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