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Appsembler: VP of Sales

We always have each other’s backs! Read more about us here: this job you will: Own and lead Appsembler’s sales efforts from the ground up by creating a data-driven, predictable sales process, leading to shorter sales cycles, better qualification processes, and more customer growth Build processes that meet our needs to effectively target enterprise customers; also work with us as we pivot to focus more on midmarket customers Collaborate with the team to make regular, iterative improvements to the sales process, using discretion in determining when senior leaders should be leveraged to give input at critical times Investigate partnership sales opportunities and structure ways to evaluate potential partners more quickly Provide customer feedback to the product team to continue to iterate on the product in support of sales and user goals What makes you a great fit for this role: You’ve successfully built a sales process from the ground up that includes distinct stages and decision points - as well as clear roles for leadership team members and the sales team You have a well-honed ability to listen to customers and identify their problems and needs - as well as drawing out key market information for Appsembler’s product and engineering teams You have a proven history of identifying and engaging new leads - both enterprise and midmarket - to supplement incoming leads from our nascent marketing efforts You have extensive experience navigating complex enterprise organizations: you know how to identify the decision-makers, influencers, gatekeepers and do so quickly to accelerate the sales process You enjoy technical conversations even though you’re not an expert To apply: Click here to apply:…

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