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ElevenYellow Pte Ltd: Customer Success Director

Recruiting, organizing and managing the support teamOur support team is currently 5 people.Documenting internal support processes Creating content for our clients (FAQ, Guides, Screencasts…) finding ways to reduce churn rate and improve upselling and cross-selling.Analyzing all customer feedback Gain insights from feedback to help us make our products better.KPIs you’ll be responsible for: Churn rate, Ticket answer time, Overall support satisfaction, Tickets opened per 1000 clients.Develop and deploy strategies to reduce the amount of support needed.Generate performance reviewsRegularly assess customer support performance in relation to KPI’s and any new developments in terms of feedback, content, or strategy development.What we offerA fully remote team and culture - no difference between those in the office and those working remotely.Competitive salary.Fast growing products with a chance of owning stock in them after the first year.Competitive perks (health insurance, sports allowance, knowledge allowance, latest technology, etc).Yearly retreats in beautiful places like Bali and Berlin.How to applySend us an e-mail and tell us why you think you'd be a good fit. Complete any or all of the following for a more complete application:Send us a link to any kind of documentation that you’ve written and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. Tell us what books you’ve read about customer service and what you thought of them.Have you been part of a great customer support experience? Tell us about it.A user requests white-labeling for a product that doesn’t support it yet…

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