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DEVEXI: Data Scientist

Headquarters: Fairfax, VA Data ScientistDEVEXI is looking for a Data Scientist to join our team. DEVEXI is an early stage healthcare analytics startup building a powerful yet intuitive longitudinal health research platform linking 22 years of HIPAA-compliant medical and dental data to enable researchers to connect the dots between diagnoses, treatments, prescribed drugs and vaccines, environmental exposures and short and long-term health outcomes – for groundbreaking, longitudinal studies never before possible. DEVEXI will provide data and a unique analytics capability for health and medical researchers, universities, medical schools, teaching hospitals, insurance payers, medical schools, public health programs, government health agencies and pharmaceutical companies to help improve the quality of health care delivery, identify best practices and increase successful, cost-effective outcomes. Position Description The purpose of this key role is to validate algorithms and bridge the gap between developer and statistician…

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