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Full Time: Full Stack Engineer @ Genius at Genius in Brooklyn, NY

Responsibilities Build and maintain web application features, primarily with Rails Work closely with application infrastructure to scale backend services to tens of thousands of requests per minute Develop the APIs that our Android and iPhone apps and web frontend consume Create frontend interfaces with HTML, CSS, and Javascript (including Angular) Write PostgreSQL queries and migrations that scale to large tables with 50M+ rows Work closely with product team to define feature specifications Occasional on-call duty to respond to urgent bugs or outages Example Projects Design an activity stream scalable to 100M+ events and a filterable “firehose” interface for consuming them HTTP-cache all pages at the edge for logged-out users only Write Javascript that can run robustly in any other website’s JS and CSS environment Develop a system for anchoring annotations to arbitrary DOM that can change out from under you Calculate document ownership based on edit history with hundreds of distinct authors Develop representation for rich text that’s portable to native iOS and Android environments Create framework for caching partial templates Design a domain-specific language and implementation of site-wide rate limits for spammy or abusive behavior Fingerprint artist names to prevent duplicate data with low false-positive rate…

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