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Helpjuice: Full Stack Ruby On Rails Developer

We're looking for an awesome Ruby on Rails Hacker to join Helpjuice, to help us with building out awesome customer support software. This position includes building fast, distributed and robust backend components with challenging logic in Javascript. Requirements You have at least 3 years of headache in building backend components (preferred in ruby on rails 3.0) You know how to speak SQL and you are reading latest releases of Postgres “doc novels” You can write beautiful Javascript code, and prefer instantaneous Javascript apps…

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Helpjuice: Customer Success Champion (B2B)

You have the amazing opportunity to join our customer success team. This position is a very important one, and requires a great understanding of English (you'll be having phone calls 20% of the time), good technical skills (talking about the product and the tech behind it), aswell as mild/soft sales skills (you won't be selling, directly, but rather just being super super nice and helpful). The idea behind customer success is to help our customers be more successful & lower customer churn Your daily/weekly tasks might look like: - Onboard customers and do product demos (you'll be doing this a lot) - Talk with customers and write a case study - Reach out to customers likely to churn to offer help - Increase average revenue per account by upselling - Tracking every customer cancelation, calling them, and understanding why they canceled, and marking it all down.Requirements Very, very good written/spoken English Very good at writing up emails Good presentation skills…

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