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Full Time: UX Application Developer at IDEXX Laboratories in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Last but not least, we are a team with vibrant culture and 11 nationalities so if you happen to speak fluent English and consider yourself a fun person to work with, let us know! What do we offer? ·Vibrant start up culture within a well established profitable organization ·International team of 16 languages to speak - you might bring in the 17th! ·Nice perk of competitive salary, pension scheme, commuting allowance, 25 holidays and so on…

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Pathable, Inc.: Full Stack JavaScript / Ruby on Rails Developer

Please join us!Specific Responsibilities:You're an expert with deep programming experience using a variety of tools and languages.You'll write beautiful, well-tested JavaScript for the browser.You'll write beautiful, well-tested Ruby for Rails on the server.You'll also work with Node.js, MySQL, Redis, Resque, CoffeeScript, jQuery, Backbone.js, and more.You, being a polyglot, will occasionally dive into our small Meteor/React application to develop features and bug fixes.You'll deploy code weekly, sometimes daily, to our AWS and EY clustersIn addition to clear and frequent written communication, you'll video conference daily with team members to design and refine new features for the product, marketing websites, email campaigns and more.You have strong opinions loosely held; you enjoy vigorously defending what you know to be right as much as you enjoy being wrong when the best answers wins.You enjoy the challenge of accurately estimating your work and ensuring its on-time completion…

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Soflyy: Build SaaS that provides disposable WordPress installations

It doesn't mean that you can work two 15 hour days and then take the rest of the week off without telling anyone. ››› Responsibilities› Turning specs into working, testable features that look great and work as expected› Working with a systems engineer in a complicated server environment› Implementing a frontend and working with a frontend developer when necessary› Utilizing automated tests in staging environments before deployment› Potentially working on short notice to fix an urgent issue› Leaving things cleaner than you found them› Being ok with your ideas being shot down or shelved› Communicating in a clear, concise, and timely manner ››› What are your chances of getting this job?If you have professional, verifiable experience navigating complicated server clusters, working with custom databases, and writing WordPress plugins then you will be on a very short list of candidates…

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