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Hotjar: Platform Engineer

All other candidates will join our team as full-time consultants and will be responsible for paying any taxes or applicable fees where they reside. RequirementsExperience in full stack development using Python and JavascriptExposure to having architected large, high-scale web applicationsGood understanding of Linux, data stores and data modellingExperience in API developmentExperience in server management and orchestrationAbility to critically and quickly evaluate new technologyMust submit to a background check confidentially processed by our third party To apply: Please apply via…

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Hotjar: Big Data Engineer

As Hotjar continues to grow rapidly, we are seeking an engineer who has experience dealing with high traffic cloud based applications and can help Hotjar scale as our traffic multiplies. This is an excellent career opportunity to join a fast growing remote startup in a key position.In this position, you will:Be part of our DevOps team building and maintaining our web application and server environment.Choose, deploy and manage tools and technologies to build and support a robust infrastructure.Be responsible for identifying bottlenecks and improving performance of all our systems.Ensure all necessary monitoring, alerting and backup solutions are in place.Do research and keep up to date on trends in big data processing and large scale analytics.Implement proof of concept solutions in the form of prototype applications. Compensation RangeThe budgeted compensation range for this role is €60,000 to €80,000 annually…

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Hotjar: Product Marketer

In doing so, you’ll be working within a growing team of marketers, while collaborating with our product team, helping steer the Hotjar product roadmap and improving the user to customer journey. In this role you will:Develop and regularly refine message flows for user product adoptionResearch and develop messaging and positioning to increase product relevance in the eyes of our usersResearch, define and create educational resources that help our users reach their goalsAssist with product launch campaigns and ongoing promotion for product improvementsInterview, survey and measure behaviours of our varied user segments and develop strategies to improve the product experience and adoptionWork with the marketing team on developing innovative ideasWork in tandem with our product team to evolve the product roadmap and coordinate on promoting improvements and new releasesgroundbreaking marketing campaigns that deliver on the expectations of our highly informed and knowledge-hungry user community Compensation RangeThe budgeted compensation range for this role is €55,000 to €75,000 annually…

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