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Hotar: Product Marketing Specialist

In doing so, you’ll be working within a growing team of marketers, while collaborating with our product team, helping steer the Hotjar product roadmap and improving the user to customer journey. In this role you will:Develop and regularly refine message flows for user product adoptionResearch and develop messaging and positioning to increase product relevance in the eyes of our usersResearch, define and create educational resources that help our users reach their goalsAssist with product launch campaigns and ongoing promotion for product improvementsInterview, survey and measure behaviours of our varied user segments and develop strategies to improve the product experience and adoptionWork with the marketing team on developing innovative ideasWork in tandem with our product team to evolve the product roadmap and coordinate on promoting improvements and new releasesgroundbreaking marketing campaigns that deliver on the expectations of our highly informed and knowledge-hungry user community Compensation RangeThe budgeted compensation range for this role is €55,000 to €75,000 annually…

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Hotjar: Creative Director

This role is situated in the Product Marketing team and will report to the Director of Marketing. As the Creative Director, you will be:Directing and creating media and campaigns that engage and empower our target audience to take action.Hands on – designing creative assets for Hotjar sites, advertising, content marketing and marketing campaigns.Owning and maintaining resources related to Hotjar’s brand and identity.Advocating Hotjar’s brand standards and visual communication while ensuring they are met both internally and on all public channels, including social media and marketing channels.Working within the Marketing team – managing the creative process and translating marketing objectives into clear creative strategies from concept to completion.Working closely with product teams to ensure consistent messaging and visual communication.Leading, training and mentoring a team of creatives whose primary focus is to provide Marketing with all their creative needs.Participating in the recruitment process when hiring new creative talent to join the Marketing team.Identifying and communicating with third-party creative agencies to collaborate and sustain marketing needs on all channels / mediums.Compensation Range:The budgeted compensation range for this role is €60,000 to €80,000 annually…

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Hotjar: VP of Customer Experience (Europe)

Work closely with the Hotjar Operations team to develop and maintain a global hiring roadmap that ensures adequate capacity and capability coverage.Observing and identifying underlying challenges related to systems, people, and processes to reduce time to resolution on our support channels while also improving the overall experience.Ruthlessly focusing on delivering value to our customers by championing changes to the product that will increase product usage, success and satisfaction.Identifying opportunities to simplify and streamline product behavior, improving self-help as well as identifying and eliminating the root cause in such a way as to remove the need for help all together.Measuring and improving the customer experience by studying and monitoring satisfaction, usage and the net promoter score for customers and free users.Leading, training, and mentoring the Customer Success and Hotjar Hero team on an ongoing basis.Working with Marketing on initiatives that pertain to growth and the customer journey.Proactively providing ongoing high-level trends of customer issues and feedback to stakeholders.Creating opportunities for the Hotjar team to interact with customers to better understand their goals, challenges and needs.Measuring the effectiveness of the Hero and Customer Success teams through metrics and company-wide KPIs.Advocating customer needs and issues cross-departmentally.Development, budgeting and continual refinement of the customer experience strategy.Requirements3+ years experience in leading customer-facing organisations.Experience supporting a large number of SMB (small and medium-sized businesses) and SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) at lower price points.Understanding of SaaS metrics such as MRR, ARPA, Churn, and LTV.Analytical and process-oriented mindset.Proven leadership skills and the ability to inspire others.A basic understanding of how the web works (including HTML, JavaScript and CSS).Demonstrated desire for continuous learning and improvement.Excellent communicator with superior verbal, written, interpersonal, technical and presentation skills.Ability to think critically and problem-solve in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment.Experience in high growth SaaS startups, freemium models and global expansion will be considered to be assets.Must submit to a background check confidentially processed by our third party…

Source: 37Signals Job Board