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Marketade: Digital Marketing Strategist

And you'll interact with marketers, designers, engineers, executives and customers at our clients to gain a deep understanding of their business and their needs.Your 12-Month Performance Review:Fast forward 12 months ... Congrats!  In your first year at Marketade, you accomplished these objectives:#1: Led 2 projects that resulted in 20% lift in qualified leads for a travel client.Oversaw conversion-focused projects where you collaborated with our UX specialist to tackle problems identified in usability testing and in-depth analytics.Implemented traffic-focused SEM and SEO initiatives in collaboration with the client’s marketing specialist.Identified clear hypotheses and and success metrics up front, enabling the team to quickly move on from failing efforts, and focus on winning ones.Overcame client concerns about the costs of running A/B tests and the risks of failed experiments.Collaborated with the client’s analyst to enable attribution of business metric improvements back to our work.#2: Provided strategic direction to project team for a B2B industrial client that led to a 25% increase in organic-driven revenue.Helped reshape our existing content strategy and UX work to better align with SEO and ensure measurable improvement in organic metrics.Trained a junior team member on how to conduct a technical SEO audit, and helped prioritize the changes.Worked with our content specialist to launch the client’s first experiments with lead nurture campaigns.#3: Led multi-day workshop for non-profit client to establish goals, strategy and roadmap for 2018.Led workshop session to identify measurable business goals, set ambitious targets, and create initial plan to track and report on progress.With goals established, teamed up with our UX strategist to run a collaborative activity (e.g…

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