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LegalChat: Sales Consultant | Targeted Leads of Adwords-Spending Lawyers (remote)

The service solves a massive pain point for law firms who are spending money on Google Ads and need to see a higher conversion from their online spend. You can read more about the offering here: we’re looking forWe have an incredibly high bar for talent – we are looking for nothing short of an incredibly talented, self-motivated sales consultant who is passionate about online marketing, PPC, SEO and conversion optimization. You will possess an uncanny ability to build rapport with business owners and help them recognize the massive value in having live chat on their website, getting them to sign up and assisting with onboarding and intros. We have an unlimited number of potential leads so this role is strictly for a consultant that loves being rewarded for hard work. What you will do You’ll be handed over hundreds of pre-qualified leads (law firms who specifically are spending money on Google adwords and who aren’t generating enough leads from their website) and will contact them, build rapport and convince them to try our service…

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Planet Dolan PTY LTD: Content Writer for Planet Dolan

Successful applicants will be shown the format, research methods & be given the opportunity for ongoing work (if up to the standard we expect).During application, it is highly recommended to study our previous scripts and attempt to write a few test items for a list so that we can get an idea of your style.Questions to answer during your application:Do you have any experience writing to shock/amaze/entertain? How are you writing for a dedicated voice actor?What do you think you could bring to the table if selected? How would you approach these scripts - and do you have any topics in mind?The Planet Dolan team is ever expanding, we hope to meet you & bring you on board! To apply: Send your application to [email protected] BE SURE TO INCLUDE EXAMPLES OF YOUR PREVIOUS WORK…

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