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While we are open to having this be a remote position, you’ll get bonus points from us if you live in the Indianapolis area.Here’s a snapshot (but not all) of your technical responsibilities:Is proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScriptIs proficient building responsive, mobile-first websitesKnows how to scale websites as they increase in traffic and complexityIs proficient with front-end patterns, such as BEM, Atomic Design and object-oriented CSSIs proficient with Craft, ExpressionEngine, Wordpress and/or other CMS platformsIs proficient with Git and using GitHubIs experienced and has a desire to work with client-side tools like React, Vue.js, Angular and EmberIs experienced and has a desire to build microservice APIs using tools like Node/Express, Lumen and more.Is experienced and has a desire to write and debug PHPIs comfortable using templating tools like Twig and HandlebarsIs experienced with module bundlers, like Webpack, Browserify and rollup.jsIs cognizant of site performance and wants to reduce HTTP requests, browser repaints, mobile overhead and deliver lightning fast websites to all browsersUnderstands the importance of progressive enhancement and graceful degradationIs vigilant about web standards, performance, accessibility and usabilityIs proficient researching and providing recommendations on services/technologies for various projectsIs capable of collaborating with the UI/UX team to build interactive prototypesIs comfortable receiving design assets in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and/or SketchCan provide technical insight to designersHere are some of your general responsibilities:Be flexible enough that you can juggle multiple projects while also being focused enough to remain committed to projects that span multiple weeks to complete.Be dedicated and meticulous while taking great pride in delivering the highest quality work.Be comfortable providing and receiving constructive criticism with the goal of bettering everyone involved.Must possess excellent troubleshooting skills.Appreciate, enjoy and critique design.Be able to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines.Provide reliable estimates for development deliverables.Communicate well both internally with other team members and externally with clients.Here’s what you’ll need:At least three years of professional, post-collegiate experienceA B.S., B.F.A…

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