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Learning in Action: Director of Marketing and Customer Experience

Initiatives supporting these goals would include: Developing a strategy for using conferences as a channel for client acquisition Identifying conferences Identifying compelling topics for speaking Managing the proposal process for getting speaking gigs for President Managing and driving the process and performing the implementation of conference booth strategy for obtaining and following up with leads Developing and implementing a strategy and process for using content to develop relationships that lead to new clients Developing strategy and process Assisting in the development of content Following up on leads Developing and implementing a strategy and process of identifying coaching schools and their continuing education programs for alums as a lead gen source for new clients Developing a target list of coaching programs Approaching those programs to determine if they have continuing ed Setting up speaking opportunities Following upon leads Developing and implementing a plan and a process for retaining, recognizing, and rewarding our top clients Identifying top clients Determine how we can retain and recognize them in a way that increases customer lifetime value Creation and maintenance of a marketing calendar across all trainings and promotionsPromoting company products and services utilization customer segmentation and customized messaging, writing marketing copy Being a liaison with marketing consultants the company engages Developing and implementing a strategy and process to drive social media engagement and create more engagement with the brand Customer Experience Manager Goal 1: To deliver to clients a consistently easy, convenient, error-free, educating customer experience…

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