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Gridium: Technical lead

Remote work allows us to find great people wherever they happen to be, and it allows you to structure your day flexibly and with minimal interruption so that you can get stuff done in the style that makes most sense for you.Of course, spending time face-to-face is important, so once a quarter we pick a city and meet up for several days of highly productive and highly fun planning and doing (and eating and recreating)…

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Full Time: Enterprise Support Engineer at GitHub in Remote-United States

We are looking for candidates who: Display a strong commitment to building an inclusive tech environment Have demonstrated resilience and resourcefulness both in and outside of the workplace Can bring a new perspective based on unique educational, professional, and lived experiences Can effectively communicate with people from disparate backgrounds Have experience mentoring/coaching/teaching, particularly in environments with diverse students/participants We have a lot of exciting things to do, and we’re looking for the right people to grow with us! Why you should join: At GitHub, we're committed to collaboration, experimentation, and always staying classy…

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Camden Development Inc.: Business Analyst

The analyst will use business skills to provide objective advice and expertise and help our organization develop any specialist skills that it may be lacking.The ideal candidate will incorporate their knowledge, skills and abilities as they help our management strategically to improve efficiency, growth and profit through accurate data gathering and thorough analysis and valuable recommendations.KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Define the problem through consultations, meetings and case studies; Review and analyze information through different reports and researches; Interview or facilitate focused group discussions with management and employees; Develop and present recommendations for the management; Develop plans and programs for change implementation in the organization; Running focus groups and facilitating workshops; Preparing business proposals and presentations…

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