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 Usually, a single person heads up a project, collaborates with another for architecture & solutions, and eagerly looks forward to launching (rather than endlessly polishing).Slack for conversations.Asana for project tracking & deliverables.Github for code collaboration.DroneCI for CI & CD.Being in a USA timezone is highly desirable.For example...In 2016 we...Built and deployed a central platform for managing monetization across our portfolio.Broke up an old monolith into smaller Docker services running on Rancher and got a solid, always-deploying CI/CD pipeline.Established a lightweight Agile process to aid developer efficiency from initiative to initiative.Worked with in house teams to conduct research in the frame of Recommendation Systems with a working prototype.In 2017 we're...Building applications to expand the business into areas of organic growth.Refactoring and simplifying our micro-services ecosystem.Doubling down in a robust product recommendation approach to better serve our users.Human EnvironmentCentrally located in downtown Houston, free employee parking.Coed work environment, casual dress code.Cool office perks (e.g…

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