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Doximity: Sr. Data Scientist (Ads)

Take a look at how we Work at Doximity.Fun facts about the data science team:We have access to one of the richest healthcare datasets in the world, with deep information on hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals and their connections.We build code that addresses user needs, solves business problems, and streamlines internal processes.The members of our team bring a diverse set of technical and cultural backgrounds.Business decisions at Doximity are driven by our data, analyses, and insights.Hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals will utilize the products you build.A couple times a year we run a co-op where you can pick a few people you'd like to work with and drive a specific company goal.We like to have fun - company outings, team lunches, and happy hours!Technical StackWe historically favor Python and MySQL, but leverage other tools when appropriate for the job at hand.Machine learning (linear/logistic regression, ensemble-models, boosted-models, clustering, NLP, text categorization, user modeling, collaborative filtering, etc) via industry-standard packages (sklearn, nltk, MLlib, GraphX, NetworkX, gensim).A dedicated cluster is maintained to run Apache Spark for computationally intensive tasks.Storage solutions: Percona, Redshift, S3, HDFS, Hive, neo4j.Computational resources: EC2, Spark.Workflow management: Airflow.Here's what you can expectCollaborate with a team of product managers, analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and other developers.Construct novel data products that directly improve Doximity’s business and bottom line.Employ statistical methods and machine learning to assess and improve the advertising experience on our platform.Leverage knowledge of recommendation algorithms to improve user experience by personalizing delivered content.Create predictive models to assess the value of potential clients.Think creatively and outside of the box…

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