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ConveYour: Ionic / Javascript Ninja Engineer (remote, contract)

)You've never completed a native iOS or Android Ionic application.You haven't written an app in Ionic 2+ with TypeScriptThe thought of other senior developers asking you why you wrote your code a certain way makes you cringe or squirm.You are too busy with other consulting projects to really put in effort on this.You are applying on the behalf of an agency…

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Contract: Data Science Bootcamp Mentor at Thinkful Inc. in Remote-U.S.A.

The role is a great fit for experts who genuinely love their work and want to share their expertise, experience, and themselves with awesome students and fellow mentors from around the globe! Skills & Requirements -Proficiency in Python is Required -Professional Experience as a Data Scientist or in Similar Role -Experienced with Python Data Science Toolkit (Panda, NumPy, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn, Beautiful Soup) -Experience with machine learning, Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Spark, MapReduce, distributed computing, and AWS -Professional experience in a field that utilizes modern day data science tools and methodologies -Able to explain mathematical concepts involved in statistics, probability and linear algebra -Experience with Git and GitHub -Involvement in local community (i.e…

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