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4D Pipeline: Senior 3D Graphics Engineer

If you have a fulltime job please do not apply.- Must be an individual not an agency/firm.- As part of our hiring process you will have a video interview and a programming test.  Looking for: - 3D graphics developers with heavy experience in OpenGL, DirectX, WebGL, and 3D engines.- Unity/Unreal a big bonus- Hololens experience a big bonus- VR/AR a big bonus- Bonus to have WebGL experience- Bonus to have Shader experience- Bonus to have Raytracing experience Background in games, 3D visualization, or CAD a bonus - Ideally also mobile experience, iOS and Android bonus - Bonus to have web experience- Primarily languages - C++ - Also often C# / Javascript / Python- Unity/Unreal bonus- VR/AR setup a bonus To apply: Please send us an email and let us know what 3D experience you have and which of the listed bonus items you have experience with…

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