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SocialHub: Full-stack Javascript / Node.js developer

That's why we hire both onsite in our office in Ingolstadt and remotely.It's your choice.Pick the place that works best for you as long as you can work within our core hours (10am to 4pm Europe/Berlin)What our clients say about SocialHubExcerpts from client quotationsDoes this sound like you ?You love to work with the latest Web-technologiesYou’ve been making your way through the nodejs world for at least 3 years, have developed a good bunch of applications and have a good overview on the available modules to aid you in your tasksYou know your pal mongoDB and what makes him cranky (performance wise)You like your automated tests finished before you even start the main codingYou love to see your users happy…

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SocialHub: Front-End Developer (React, Backbone)

Where we are currently migrating our front-end web application to React.Does this sound like you?It's your mission to build clean and well structured web applications that people love to use.You’ve been making your way through the exciting world of front-end development for at least 3 years.You can hit the ground running with a comprehensive understanding of the React + Redux ecosystem.Your Backbone skills are strong and you know how to make Marionette dance.You have decent exposure to other frameworks, but you are not reliant on them.You know how to spot performance issues and how to resolve them.You are not afraid to dive into some old school legacy code, that we still have kicking around.You're a natural using a DVCS like git.You're passionate about OSS…

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