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CafeMedia: Ad Performance Analyst Level 1

The tasks for each deep dive are very repetitive and while each site represents its own puzzle, the Ad Performance Analyst uses the same collection of tools & processes over and over to troubleshoot an array of different potential issues.This is a job with a never-ending list of sites to check, so you must be good logging-in, grinding through a list of 20 sites to check, logging-off and doing the same thing again for every work day. Day in the Life: Analyzing ad performance and Google Analytics data to identify issues Working to understand our process thoroughly, troubleshooting ad loading issues on live sites, and embracing a fast-paced virtual work environment Building ad layouts with our proprietary internal system, using CSS and HTML tools on the front end of a publisher’s website Assisting with onboarding new clients by installing ads on their sites (mostly WordPress) Being an active member of a distributed team via tools like Slack, G Suite, Zoom, Zendesk, and more You’ll do well if you have: Patience, grace, a sense of humor, and some moderate GIF sharing abilities Attention to detail and a love for knocking out lists and projects You were type of person who finished tests first in school and got an A Enjoy analyzing data using Excel and data visualization tools to spot trends and anomalies Working knowledge of CSS3, HTML5, and Wordpress A knack for getting things done and self-motivation to tackle repetitive tasks A passion for contributing and supporting your team A desire to make everything you touch better Genuine desire to help others solve problems and succeed Qualifications: Data analysis experience OR a recent STEM grad Comfort with using WordPress, and reading & writing HTML & CSS Proven track record high productivity Experience organizing and managing a large amount of tasks at once Excel at working by yourself and grinding through your list of tasks…

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