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CrewFire: Digital Marketer (For a super cool company...)

Here’s why:;DR: A sane work environment, exceptional team members, proven leadership, personal and professional growth, an exciting, challenging (and profitable) product!)***THE ROLE: DIGITAL MARKETER***Very simply, the Digital Marketer will have one job to do: grow company revenues, profitably.Our marketing strategy will focus on Content/Blogging, SEO, Paid Traffic, and Email (think Digital Marketer/Ryan Deiss).Thus, as our Digital Marketer, your role will include executing and (eventually) overseeing the following: Content/Blogging     Guide & manage content strategy and creation (you will have a budget to hire and manage content writers)     Create & deploy lead magnets     Create & modify website and landing pagesSEO     Keyword research     Link building     Guest posting     On-page optimizationPaid Traffic     Design ad copy and ad creative     Facebook Ad management     Google AdWords managementEmail     Build marketing funnels     Write & send lead nurture emailsReporting     Tracking & judging marketing tests and experiments     Weekly review and reporting of marketing experiments to leadership team.Long-term, we’re viewing this Digital Marketer as the prime candidate for promotion into a management and leadership role (DMM => Director of Marketing => CMO), working with our CEO to hire, manage, and lead the entire marketing division.Thus, we will be screening applicants for leadership and management potential as well as digital marketing abilities.***WHO WE'RE LOOKING FOR***Qualifications, Requirements, Personality, etc…You’re an experienced digital marketer and growth hacker with an analytical mind.You’ve got a well-rounded skillset from a few years of experience in digital marketing, including persuasive copywriting, basic graphic design, ad management, HTML/CSS, and more.You’re organized, and are an enthusiastic self-learner and self-motivator, with exceptional writing and communication abilities.You’ve Read & ImplementedInfluence – The Psychology of Persuasion80/20 Sales and MarketingTraction (Gabriel Weinberg)DotCom Secrets/Russell BrunsonDigital Marketer/Invisible Selling Machine/Ryan DeissTools & Technologies (Required)WordPressBasic HTML & CSSFacebook AdsGoogle AdsSEO ToolsPhotoshop/SketchActiveCampaignClickFunnels, LeadPagesPersonality (Required)Positive and enthusiastic (life is too short to work with assholes)Strong, consistent work ethicExceptional written communicationOrganizedPassionate and knowledgeable about marketing and businessLife-long learnerSelf-motivated, organized, self-managing***COMPENSATION/SALARY***This Digital Marketer role will start off on a part-time, hourly basis, around $30/hour, depending on your qualifications and expertise (this will grow over time).This position will have the opportunity to quickly grow into a full time position, with the potential to grow into management, and, eventually, leadership (Digital Marketing Manager => Director of Marketing => CMO).***LOCATION***Our team works remotely, but most of us are located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.We would prefer to work someone in HCMC, but are open to working with candidates from around the world…

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