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Full Time: Humbly Confident Full Stack Marketing Developer at YNAB (You Need A Budget) in Remote - Anywhere

(We suggest reading the rest of this description while listening to that album.) Ryan eats and sleeps digital marketing, but lest you think that sounds boring, you should know that he is the only one on the team that played bass in a band (for which he wrote much of the music), worked on a train for a summer, helped develop a football management video game, and lived in the Canary Islands…

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You Need A Budget: Full Stack Marketing Developer

But we’re even prouder of teaching people how to align their money and their priorities, and in turn changing their lives. Now we need a Full Stack Marketing Developer to help us get the word out and find out how effectively we’re doing so!You might not have heard of a “Full Stack Marketing Developer” yet, but you might be one! Let’s break this down:When we say Full Stack, we mean that you’re a programmer at heart, and are comfortable at various levels of the web stack, and are intimately familiar with the following (not exhaustive):JavaScriptA Server-side language like Ruby/Java/C#/PHPHTML/CSSDeploying and maintaining websites/applications on a service like AWS or Heroku.In short, you’re a “Jack of all web trades, master of some”.And when we say “Marketing Developer”, it means you’ll be working with our awesome marketing team, and they will periodically get excited in a meeting and say things like,“I wish that we could hook up an analytics service of some sort to help us figure out where our customers come from, and what our best customer source is!”“After we moved our Wordpress website from a generic host to Heroku, we noticed that sometimes the site is slow…

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